John Wentley Investigates by J.F.C Westerman

After his splendid record with the Star and Planet Line, it was naturally to John Wentley that the Company turned when it become necessary to investigate the mysterious disappearance of several of their planes. How he responded, and how he quickly found himself pitted against a world-wide organisation of really terrifying power, is the story of the book – and a wonderful book it is.

John Wentley Investigates By  J.F.C. Westerman


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From the book’s opening…

“Unless something happens pretty soon, we’ll have to cut our losses and give up!” delared John Wentley, as he stared moodily out of the window and surveyed a vast, level field. “Dash it all, George, two whole months and not a single commission!”

“It’s not too good.” admitted George Teuter, his chum and partner. “I don’t know what people are coming to these days. Our advertisment should rake in something: ‘Airmen willing to undertake any commission. Nothing too big ot too small. Danger and adventure welcome. All work strictly confidential.’ That’s how it goes, more or less, isn’t it?”

“Near enough,” agreed John. “In any case, no one has risen to the bait, and it seems to me that Tentley Aviation will have to close down. One thing I’m pretty sure that Captain Dowell will take me back to the Old Star and Planet Line if I apply with due humility. Tou’re all right, of course, but I have to earn my living.”

“Come on, snap out of it!” directed George. “This si the first time, I’ve seen you in such a mood, and it doesn’t suit you, old son! Of course, if you regret leaving the Star and Planet Line and want to back to sea, carry on; but I must say that I’d be more than fed up if you did.”

“I don’t want to go back to sea exactly – although my so-called sea career was combined with more than a bit of flying…..


Children’s Clothes by Clare Rose

Children's Clothes by Clare RoseClick on book to go to Amazon UK

From the swaddling bands of the seventeenth century to the designer’s fashions of today, here is a vivid history of children’s clothes over the last 200 years.

Clare Rose places children’s clothes in the widest context, relating them to adult fashion, theories of education such as those of Rousseau, society’s perception of the child, and manufacturing methods. She also examines what kinds of clothes were worn, when and by whom, what they cost, and what their wearers thought of them. Even ‘cruel’ forms of dress, it seems, such as constricting corsets and swaddling bands, expressed parents’ concern for their children. .

Children’s clothes is an accomplished reference book, widely illustrated in colour and black and white. Students of both fashion and history, teachers, collectors and anyone interested in childhood and its history will enjoy this delightful and useful book.

Clare Rose was for four years Keeper of Costumes at York Castle Museum, and tours extensively as an art lecturer. Her main interest are the history and social history of costume and textiles.

“The history of children’s clothes has sometimes been dismissed as a matter of ‘babygowns and old lace’, of interest only to the specialist. This could hardly be further from the truth. Like the other major branches of costume history, the study of children’s clothes acts as a window through which we can gain insights into the history of culture and ides, and into economic history”



Goodbye Children Everyone by Rose McNamara Wright

Goodbye Children Everywhere Rose McNamara-Wright

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“The author of this book was born in 1933 in the middle of the depression. Most people at that time were very poor, there was no work for them to do. Some families were starving and their children were dying from hunger. She was six when the Second World War started, and living in Finsbury Park. She had to move many times during the war and for various reasons – mostly because of bomb blasts and damage they inflicted and made the houses unsafe. But that was not always the case. Sometimes her family had to dodge the rent man”.

“Most of the information in this book is written from the memory of a little London girl who was a six year old when World War 2 started and a 12 year old when it ended. It is about what happened before the war, during the war, what happened at the end of the war and the consequences of that terrible war”.

(Both quotes form the book’s back cover).


Biggles In Africa by Captain W.E. Johns

Biggles In Africa

A young Englishman, Harry Marton flying from England to the Cape disappeared in the heart of the African continent, He reached Malakal and left again for Juba, but somewhere between those two points all trace of him was lost. Most people assumed that he was dead; but a year or so later his father called on Biggles with the request that he would make a further search for the missing airman, whom he believed to be still alive. It was no small undertaking to make a detailed examination of a large section of African wilderness looking for one did not quite know what, unless it was a crashed aeroplane. All the same, Biggles, accompanied by Algy Lacey and Ginger Hebblethwaite, takes on the job and discovers that there is a very really mystery surrounding the disappearance of young Marton. Once again the skill, resourcefulness and audacity for which Biggles is renowned are brought into play to right a grave wrong.

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Bird Spotting with John Holland. Illustrated by Rein Stuurman

This “BIRD SPOTTING” series is recommended by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds as a general introduction to bird identification, especially suitable for young persons.

Bird Spotting By John Holland.

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The aim of this series of books is to introduce some of the birds of specific Orders by giving their portraits in picture as well as in words. Not only is their Order given in each case, but also their family.

The bird watcher’s aim should be to classify the bird soon as he sees it. That is to say, it will not always be possible to call it at once by its name, but at least to place it in its group.


In The Steps Of Jesus by H.V. Morton

In The Steps of Jesus. H.V. Morton

The dust jacket for this book reads:

“H.V. Morton himself has prepared this shortened edition of his famous work, In The Steps Of The Master, specially for young people, and this account of what he saw with his own eyes in the Holy Land is most striking and illuminating. He discovered how little conditions had changed in 2000 years, and found so much of the Bible coming to life for him as he walked about Jerusalem, sat in the Temple, or stopped at the very inn to which the good Samaritan carried, long ago, he who had fallen among thieves. The light it sheds on the scriptures is so strong as to send the reader back to the Bible with eager interest”

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In this book HV Morton describes a journey to The Holy Land and an impression of Jerusalem. He visits the Holy Sepulchre, the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane and the ghost of Solomon’s Temple (Chapter 1).

He goes down to Jericho and visits the Inn of the Good Samaritan, He finds Jericho in a trench of tropical heat and explores the shores of the Dead Sea and goes to the River Jordan. (Chapter 2).

In Bethlehem he enters the Grotto of the Nativity and met the descendants of the Crusaders. He travels to Beersheba, where he attends a sitting of the tribal court. He watches camels bathing in the sea at Ascalon and, in the country round about, he notices many Biblical scenes and characters.  (Chapter 3).

He then stays awhile at Nazareth and watches the village carpenter at work. He then goes into Galileewhere he stays at Tiberias. He meets the fisherman of Galilee and goes fishing with them on the lake. (Chapter 4).

He stays in a garden on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. He discovers the ruined Church of the Loaves and the Fishes. He tries to help a dog at Caesarea Philippi. (Chapter 5).

He goes to Jerusalem for Easter. He attends the ceremonies of the Washing of the Feet, the Holy Fire and Searching For The Body of Christ. In the exciting atmosphere of the Holy City I attempt to reconstruct the events which led to the Crucifixion. (Chapter 6).

Pride and Prejudice. Bancroft Classic Edition

This edition was number 33 in the series of Bancroft Classics. These were abridged versions of major literary works as well as children’s classics such as Alice In Wonderland and The Coral Island.

They had distinctive covers – though the artist for this edition was not credited. At the time of writing you can find this specific edition by clicking on the photo of the book’s cover below.

Pride and Prejudice Bancroft Edition

They are not expensive or rare. You can find at Ebay.