John Wentley Investigates by J.F.C Westerman

After his splendid record with the Star and Planet Line, it was naturally to John Wentley that the Company turned when it become necessary to investigate the mysterious disappearance of several of their planes. How he responded, and how he quickly found himself pitted against a world-wide organisation of really terrifying power, is the story of the book – and a wonderful book it is.

John Wentley Investigates By  J.F.C. Westerman


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From the book’s opening…

“Unless something happens pretty soon, we’ll have to cut our losses and give up!” delared John Wentley, as he stared moodily out of the window and surveyed a vast, level field. “Dash it all, George, two whole months and not a single commission!”

“It’s not too good.” admitted George Teuter, his chum and partner. “I don’t know what people are coming to these days. Our advertisment should rake in something: ‘Airmen willing to undertake any commission. Nothing too big ot too small. Danger and adventure welcome. All work strictly confidential.’ That’s how it goes, more or less, isn’t it?”

“Near enough,” agreed John. “In any case, no one has risen to the bait, and it seems to me that Tentley Aviation will have to close down. One thing I’m pretty sure that Captain Dowell will take me back to the Old Star and Planet Line if I apply with due humility. Tou’re all right, of course, but I have to earn my living.”

“Come on, snap out of it!” directed George. “This si the first time, I’ve seen you in such a mood, and it doesn’t suit you, old son! Of course, if you regret leaving the Star and Planet Line and want to back to sea, carry on; but I must say that I’d be more than fed up if you did.”

“I don’t want to go back to sea exactly – although my so-called sea career was combined with more than a bit of flying…..


Path of the Dark Elder by Andy Chambers

Path of the Dark Elder

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This book contains the following:


Yllithian, an ambitious archon with the desire to unset the tyrant Asdrubael Vect, joins forces with a twisted haemonculus in an attempt to revive a long dead warrior and challenge the might of the overlord, both racing to achieve their goal before Vect discovers their treachery. But a cataclysm is coming, and Yllithian’s actions may in fact be the cause


The eternal city of Commorragh has been cast into turmoil by the Dysjunction, a cataclysmic disturbance in the very fabric of its existence. Redemption rests in the hands of a disgraced incubus. His efforts to reclaim his lost honour could save the city or damn it forever   – assuming it can survive the daemonic invasion and the archons’ deadly battles for supremacy.


Asbruael Vect strives to reassert his authority over his anarchic city before hidden challengers can make their bid for power. The noble Yllithian frantically seeks new allies to put between himself and the overlord’s wrath, the Mandrajke kings muster and Vect prepares to unleash his most fearsome weapons against his own people as Commorragh erupts into open war.

Deathworld 2. Harry Harrison. Sphere 1980s Edition

Harry Harrison

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The planet was unknown ….a savagely primitive place where everyman had to kill every other man – or live as a slave.

The inhabitants lived in the early in the early Bronze Age one minute, and in the early machine age the next. Technology had degenerated into a number of mysteries jealously guarded by separate brotherhoods.

But Jason dinAlt was a gambler. He realised that if he was ever going to get a winning hand in this game, the brotherhoods would need a shuffle….

This is the second novel in the best selling DEATHWORLD trilogy. Don’t miss DEATHWORLD 1 and DEATHWORLD 3

Rude Girls by Vanessa Walters

Rude Girls. Vanessa Walters

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Paula, Janice and Shree, best friends since the beginning of time, are fixing a life of their own. Paula is struggling as a single mother, Janice is searching for a job and Shree is worried by the disappearance of her father. With little family support and boyfriends who are more of a hindrance than a help, the girls can rely on each other’s friendship.

As the heat of summer in north London fades to the chill of autumn, and all-dayers make way for festival parties, the girls are made increasingly aware of the Yardie presence in the neighbourhood. The threat of violence is never far away and when it finally erupts, the consequences will scar the girls for ever.


Scales Of Justice by Ngaio Marsh

Scales Of Justice Ngaio Marsh

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Scales of Justice offers readers an opportunity that comes their way too rarely nowadays, for here is the classical detective novel at its very best. With it Ngaio Marsh returns to the genre in its absolute form ; detection arising equally from character, suspense and a set of extraordinary circumstances. The village of Cheyning nestles, perhaps a trifle smugly, in the charming of valley of Cheyne. Nothing mars the seemliness of the prospect. Even the eccentricities of the inhabitants would appear, on first acquaintance, to follow a time honoured convention. We have, for instance, Lady Lacklander’s size and she is as vast as she is wily; Commander Syce’s inebriated archery; Mr. Danberry-Phinn’s cats, Colonel Cartarette’s angling; his wife’s equivocal attitude to the the elder male Lacklander; his daughter’s love for the younger. There is Nurse Kettle pedalling briskly about the landscape and finally that monster trout, the Old ‘Un in his lurk by Bottom Bridge. It sounds harmless enough yet these are the ingredients which boil up into a s pretty a hell-brew, as strange a murder and as ingenious a solution as ever graced the case book of Mr Roderick Alleyn.(From the Dust Jacket)

The lives of the inhabitants of Swevenings are disrupted only by a fierce competition to catch the monster trout – the Old ‘Un – which is known to dwell in a hole of the Cheyne, a beautiful winding trout stream that passes by their homes.

But one of their small community is murdered; near the corpse lies, also inexplicably, the monster trout, freshly killed.

Chief-Inspector Roderick Alleyn investigates the crime in a a fine story of classical detection.