Before and After Getting Your Puppy. Dr Ian Dunbar.

Ian Dunbar Guide To Getting A Puppy
Before and After Getting Your Puppy. Dr. Ian Dunbar


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An easy to use guide from the pioneer of positive, preventative puppy training.

“Ian Dunbar’s intellect, experience and common sense combine in Before and After Getting You Puppy to create a landmark book about the selection and training of puppies. It should be required reading for anyone thinking about adopting a puppy” – Dr Nicolas H. Dodman, author of If Only They Could Speak and director of the Animal Behaviour Clinic at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine.

In Before and After Getting Your Puppy, Dr. Ian Dunbar outlines everything you need to know to select the right puppy, as well as all the crucial lessons a puppy must be taught during its impressionable early development. In clear steps, with helpful photos and sidebars, Dr Dunbar presents a structured yet playful plan built around six crucial developmental deadlines.

It Is the positive approach to raising a happy, healthy and well behaved dog.

1. Completing your eduction about puppy education

2. Evaluating your prospective puppy’s socialization and training

3. Errorless housetraining and chew-toy training

4. Socializing with new people

5. Learning reliable bite inhibition

6. Preventing predictable adolescent problems

“A delight to read, Dr Dunbar’s Before and After You Get You Puppy id filled with essential, preventative puppy raising information. If a new puppy owner buys just one book, this should be it” – Amy Tan, dog lover and best selling author of the Joy Luck Club.

The world’s leading authority on puppy training and behaviour. Dr. Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian,  animal behaviorist, and writer. The original creator and champion of off-leash puppy classes, he has led a doggy revolution in fun, reward-based, dog friendly dog training.


The book has generally great reviews at Amazon  – though this positive review does argue that Dr Ian Dunbar is a bit of a drama queen because “…Ian Dunbar sets certain ages/dates that are critical in a dogs life. If they’ve not got it by this age all is lost. Yet at the same time he rescues older dogs. Dune, who is featured in this book, is an older dog in training. There is a little discrepancy here!”


Keeping Pigeons in the 1970s.


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The book “Keep Your Pigeons Flying” is the ideal ready reference book for pigeon fanciers. It has recently been revised and brought up to date by its author, himself an expert pigeon fancier, who has added much new information. He has enlarged the chapter on Public Health and incorporated the results of recent research on such subjects as pigeon grit requirements, para-typhoid studies, vapona bars for killing insects and canker treatment.


Jim Henson’s Muppet Knitting Book by Wendy

Muppet Knitting Patterns

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This book contains instructions on how to make:

1, Kermit Dancing Sweater. 2. Kermit Jacket. 3. Kermit Toy. 4. Miss Piggy Jacket. 5. Miss Piggy Cardigan. 6.Miss Piggy Toy. 7. Animal Sweater. 8. Gozo Flying Sweater. 9. Fozzie Bear Magician. 10. Fozzie Bear With 3D Tie Sweater. 11. Rowlf Sweater.