Keeping Pigeons in the 1970s.


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The¬†book “Keep Your Pigeons Flying” is the ideal ready reference book for pigeon fanciers. It has recently been revised and brought up to date by its author, himself an expert pigeon fancier, who has added much new information. He has enlarged the chapter on Public Health and incorporated the results of recent research on such subjects as pigeon grit requirements, para-typhoid studies, vapona bars for killing insects and canker treatment.


Bird Spotting with John Holland. Illustrated by Rein Stuurman

This “BIRD SPOTTING” series is recommended by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds as a general introduction to bird identification, especially suitable for young persons.

Bird Spotting By John Holland.

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The aim of this series of books is to introduce some of the birds of specific Orders by giving their portraits in picture as well as in words. Not only is their Order given in each case, but also their family.

The bird watcher’s aim should be to classify the bird soon as he sees it. That is to say, it will not always be possible to call it at once by its name, but at least to place it in its group.