Nottingham in Old Photographs 1944 – 1974

This book is a collection of old photographs of Nottingham.


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From the back cover.

“The photographs in his selection, taken in Nottingham between fifteen and fifty years ago, are a nostalgic review of some of the sights and events of the period. Although they depict a time that is still within living memory, the city has undergone considerable change since the end of the Second World war, and many people will be surprised by how much they have forgotten.

Nottingham In Old Photographs

Photographs of the floods of the 1940s, of the railways in the atmospheric days of steam and of the Goose Fair in the years immediately after the war evoke another age altogether and remind us how history is made within our own lifetimes. Some of the most notable pictures how local people celebrating VE Day and the city’s Quincentenary, and views of a number of historic properties which have since disappeared and of the Old Market Square and the activities carried on there will revive many fond memories. Sections on Nottingham people at work and at play recall a time when the pace pf life was a little less hectic than our own, and a series of photographs taken from extraordinary vantage points offer an unusual  view of the city.

Goose Fair Photographs

The photographs are, in the main, the work of three local photographers; the late Frank Stevenson, John Lock and the author (Douglas Whitworth), who is responsible for the majority of the views and whose desire to to chronicle the changing view of his home city has made possible this fascinating visual record of a period which is often overlooked”.

Old Photos of Nottingham

This book was first published in 1991. It has 160 pages.

It has chapters on; The End of the War, The Quincentenary, Streets, Shops, Boots The Chemist, Buildings, The Old Market Square, The Goose Fair, The River Trent (and Floods), Sports and Pastimes, Transport and Views.



Flying High New York. Michael Yamashita.

Flying High New York. Michael Yamashita


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“While the scale of Manhattan’s skyscrapers at ground level can be dwarfing, even dehumanizing, from above, they seem like sturdy anchors, securing the occasionally frayed edges of the crazy quilt of the city to the earth.

From above it really is possible to see that the Bronx is up and The Battery is down. One can see the shape of the reservoir in Central Park and watch runners make a graceful loop around it. One can see toy sized cabs, buses and ferries taxiing passengers into and around the bustling city and one can follow the topography of the Island, from low lying blocks of a downtown area created by landfill to the angled inclines of Murray Hill”. (From The Introduction)


“Michael Yamashita has combined his dual passions of photography and travel. For over 25 years working for the National Geographic.For a Geographic photographer shooting aerials is part of the job – often the most exciting part. Following the the photographer’s axiom of “Go High” to get the best overview of a place, Yamashita has hung from Russian helicopters in Afghanistan, floated over Myanmar in a hot-air balloon and flown above the Mekong Delta, shooting New York from above was a dream assignment for him, a chance to shoot some of the most spectacular architecture in the world, all within an hour of his home in rural New Jersey” (From the book’s introduction)