Help with Nervous Suffering, Anxiety and Agoraphobia

Doctor Clair Weekes’ book ‘Peace From Nervous Suffering‘ is a practical guide to understanding, confidence and recovery from nervous suffering. In the author’s preface she describes it as being:

“..offered as treatment for nervous illness, not merely as reading. The nervously disturbed person is often so tired and confused, he (or she) finds concentrating and remembering difficult; therefore I have written this with as much emphasis – repetition, even italics – as I though helpful.”

Doctor Claire Weekes

She goes on to say in her introduction that;

“In (her) earlier book ‘Self-Help For Your Nerves(she) talked about the commonest kind of nervous illness – the anxiety state (often called nervous breakdown). In the present book, while (she) offers additional help to those suffering from the anxiety state in general, I offer especial help to those whose illness is dominated by a particular fear – agoraphobia”


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The book is divided in to two sections. The contents are as follows:

The Housebound Wife, The Citybound Executive

1.Sensitization: The Simple Cause of so much Nervous Illness

2. Fear of Leaving the Safety of the House (Agoraphobia)

3. Cure of Physical Nervous Symptoms binding Housewife to House, Executive to City

4. Unravelling the Maze of Nervous Experience

5. Solving the Apparently Insoluble Problem

6. Do – Don’t Just Think About Doing

7. Taking The First Steps

8. A Husband’s Attitude To His Wife’s Illness

The Journals

9. Journal 1

Why Recovery Seems so Difficult to so Many Nervously Ill People

10. Journal 2

Plan For Recovery


Special Fears

11. Journal 3

At the Bus-stop

Right reaction readiness


Going On Holiday

12 Journal 4



Low Tranquilization

13. Journal 5

Special Encouragement

Home From Holiday

14. Journal 6.

Depression (Depletion)

Change Of Life

15 Journal 7

Touching The Stars

What Is Reality?

Take Yourself by the Hand

16. Journal 8

Understanding Setback

The Importance of `hasbit

Struggling The Wrong Way

Letter From a Woman who Suffered for 28 Years

17. Coming Through Setback








Stigma by Erving Goffman

Stigma. Erving Goffman


Notes on the management of spoiled identity.

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This book contains the following chapters:

1. Stigma and Social Identity: Preliminary Conceptions, The Own and the Wise, The Moral Career.

2. Information Control and Personal Identity: The Discredited and the Discreditable, Social Information, Visibility, Personal Identity, Biography, Biographical Other, Passing, Techniques of Information Control, Covering.

3. Group Alignment and Ego Identity: Ambivalence, Professional Presentations, In-Group Alignments, Out-Group Alignments, The Politics of Identity.

4. The Self and Its Other: Deviations and Norms, The Normal Deviant, Stigma and Reality

5. Deviations and Deviance