Sea Power Edited by E B Potter

Sea Power

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This new, second edition of Sea Power presents a complete history of the world’s navies from antiquity to the present. From the opening chapter on gallery warfare, through a section on Japanese naval history, to the rise and decline of the British navy and the rise and temporary decline of the American navy, readers will find a broad and colourful tapestry woven by respected naval historians.

The book focuses on the influences of sea power upon history as well as on naval operations – strategy, tactics, and logistics. It gives due consideration to changes in naval weapons and the administrative reforms brought about by them. Sea Power is a lively history in which the personalities that shaped events stand out as sharply as the events themselves.

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Biggles In Africa by Captain W.E. Johns

Biggles In Africa

A young Englishman, Harry Marton flying from England to the Cape disappeared in the heart of the African continent, He reached Malakal and left again for Juba, but somewhere between those two points all trace of him was lost. Most people assumed that he was dead; but a year or so later his father called on Biggles with the request that he would make a further search for the missing airman, whom he believed to be still alive. It was no small undertaking to make a detailed examination of a large section of African wilderness looking for one did not quite know what, unless it was a crashed aeroplane. All the same, Biggles, accompanied by Algy Lacey and Ginger Hebblethwaite, takes on the job and discovers that there is a very really mystery surrounding the disappearance of young Marton. Once again the skill, resourcefulness and audacity for which Biggles is renowned are brought into play to right a grave wrong.

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You can find different editions of the book


Tomorrow We Live. William Herber. A Novel of the U.S. Marines

“Only In The Hell Of Battle Did These Marines Feel The Touch Of Death”

Tomorrow We Live. US Marines Pulp Fiction

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This is the story of the American Marines who are probably one of the toughest fighting forces in the world. The author, who served with the 2nd Marine Division, has used one action of the 1st Battalion 2nd Marine Regiment as the background of this story. The mainspring of this engrossing novel in the rivalry of Lieutenant and Sergeant, each striving to master the other’s personality and gain his respect. Through a series of tragic and typical episodes, comic and enthralling, the reader comes to know and like them. Mr Herber writes with an impressive simplicity and sincerity. “Tomorrow we Live” is  a singularly convincing and moving testimony that is in the spirit of a great fighting tradition.