The New Matriarchy. Woman’s Legal Status in History

This book is a critique of the notion that patriarchy is somehow a “natural state of mankind.” It is also a history of woman’s legal place throughout history. It was published in 1965

The New Patriarchy

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From the preface

“…as historians probe back into the twilight period of pre-history, it is becoming accepted that an ancient matriarchy existed when women were both honoured and looked upon as the guiding element in society”.


From the forward

“When I began many years ago to write a short account of the legal position of women from Anglo-Saxon times to the present day, I had no intention of embarking on a wider field. Then someone said to me: “You know, the mere account of the legal position of women affords a very partial view of their actual status at any given period.” This I saw was particularly true in medieval times when the influence of tradition and custom did much to mitigate the position of subjection laid down by Common Law. Gradually I started to collect the material to place a social and economic study guide side by side with the legal one and, in doing so, to endeavour to give a more complete picture of the status of women. Circumstance intervened and the manuscript was forgotten for many years. During this time I had become greatly interested in the Science of Religion, a profound metaphysical  school of thought that bridges the material world of action to the immaterial world of idea. I realised that it is the thoughts of men and their philosophy of life which are the underlying causes of historical development. Thus eventually the present work emerged which views the subjection of women, and their emancipation, a part of the psychological development which cannot be shown without spanning the ages and placing it in the framework of an evolutionary process”.

Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. Ed. John D. Jump.

Revels Plays. Doctor Faustus. Ed. John D. Jump

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The full title of this book is: “The Revels Plays. The Tragical History of the LIfe and Death of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. Edited By John D. Jump”.

This is the first complete scholarly edition of ‘Doctor Faustus’ to have been prepared from the early quartos since the late Sir Walter Greg demonstrated that the 1616 version of the play was closer to what Marlowe and another wrote than the 1604 version upon which editors had for a long time been accustomed to rely. It provides a modern spelling text which is broadly similar to Greg’s though frequently differing from it in detail; and, in its introduction, textual and explanatory notes and appendices it presents materials chosen to serve not only the student but also the man of the theatre and the non specialised reader. The introduction includes a compact biography of Marlowe, a study of the textual problems posed by ‘Doctor Faustus’, discussions of the date, sources and authorship of the play, a full critical interpretation of it, and an outline of its stage history from the sixteenth century to the ‘Edinburgh Festival’ of 1961. The appendices contain alternative versions of five of its scenes, as well as copious extracts from the English translation, used by the dramatists of the old German Faust Book.